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How we create change

Our Theory of Change showcases what actions need to be taken to achieve our vision: the growth of young people into independent adults.

Theory of Change

The progress of growth and development of all children and young people in a safe and nurturing environment to live more purposeful and independent lives is improved and successful.


Children and young people are safe, receive high-quality education and life skills and have equal opportunities.

Children and young people are empowered and are entirely supported.

Skilled and highly effective workforce who consistently put the needs of the children and young people first.

Provide quality step down provisions for young people leaving the residential care

Achieve outstanding from OFSTED

PCC staff improves performance and overall delivery of service


Increased staff retention

Improved behaviours and outcomes of children and young people

Positive relationships with referring and commissioning boroughs


PCC identifies local organisations who have similar values and who advance opportunity of children and/or young people.

PCC works coherently with both staff and external partners to improve their operations, programs in providing the best possible care for children and young people.




Networking and forming relationships with peer organisations

Consistent and reliable financial resources

IT and other technical support, information and reliable resources

Key Assumptions:

  • Our team lives by its values

  • All communities  and voices are equally acknowledged.

  • Learning and adaptation is improved and intensified by collaborative work.

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