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Our Promise

At PCC we promise to continuously work in union to always keep the needs of the children and young people in our care at the heart of the company and every decision.

Our Values
To Be Safe And Safeguard All

We are committed to keeping everyone in our care safe by ensuring updated and accurate risk assessments and policies. All staff are adequately trained, supervised and managed.

To Form Positive Relationships

We recognise that facilitating positive human relationships both within the organisation and with eternal stakeholders, is a useful for creating positive change and improvement.

Characterised By Integrity

Each member of staff is inducted and continually kept abreast of PCC's mission, values, ethical principles and standards and encouraged to exhibit honesty and reliability at all times.

Providing Justice & Advocacy For Our People

It is our job to advocate on behalf of the young people we support who may be facing harassment and/or discrimination and seek to educate and empower those who are unaware of the inequities they may experience.

Create Trust Through Transparency

To ensure that we operate as effectively as possible, it is important to have trust throughout the organisation and amongst all stakeholders.  

To Treat All With Mutual Respect

Respect is at the heart of our organisation. We are mindful that every child/ young person and staff member are unique and treat everyone with the same dignity and respect. We teach our young people that their actions and words affect others; and for the staff, relevant training is provided.

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